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Frequently Asked Questions

SRTR Website Questions

The Alliance has an expansive list of terminology and abbreviations used in the transplantation field.
Visit their website for more info.

What does SRTR do?

How is SRTR different from OPTN?

Transplant Center Questions

The SRTR is the organization that performs statistical analysis regarding organ transplantation in the US. The SRTR does not run the waiting list system in the US. The waiting lists are managed by an organization called UNOS. UNOS has a patient services hotline that might have more information on getting on the waiting list: 888-894-6361.

Generally, patients need to first identify centers they may want to get a transplant at first, and then contact those centers directly to get on lists. You may find additional information at

The SRTR website has some resources available to help you make a decision on which centers might be right for your circumstances. At the top of each page, just to the right of the SRTR logo, there is an option to select which organ you are interested in and then select an area by entering a state or zip-code. If you are interested in any transplant center in the U.S. just leave the “Search by Postal Code or Program Name” box blank, before clicking the “Search” button. Feel free to email us at if you have specific questions about the data presented.

I have a lot of questions and they aren’t answered here. How can I get more help?
Email us or call (877) 970-7787

Getting Started

Videos to help you navigate the SRTR website and data.

Finding a Transplant Center

Finding a Transplant Center

Finding a Transplant Center